Sunday, February 5, 2012

Game 24: Pitt 79 Villanova 70

Another game, another win for Pitt.  I'm sitting here at the place I'm watching the Super Bowl so I'm going to try to do this recap quickly before it starts to get crazy.  That and I have a short assignment I have to finish before then as well.  I could always do it during half time, or during the commercials.

"But the commercials are the best part."
You are what is wrong with this country.

I'm being serious, if I hear one person (and I'm watching the game with about 60) say, "Shhhh" during the commercials, when they weren't quiet during the game.  Well, I might just punch them.


Giants 31 Patriots 27 (that's what Dirk said and I have to side with him)

Why you should hate Villanova:

I had final four tickets if Pitt won.  Courtside.  For twenty dollars.  Heartbreak city.

Villanova hit a couple shots early on.  They were up 21-16 midway through the first half.

And then Tray Woodall took over.

He hit back to back threes, then found Gibbs who got fouled and threw up a desperation shot that went in for the and 1.  Unbelievable run and Pitt was suddenly up 15.  They got up as much as 18 in the second half before nova made a bit of a run, getting to within 3 and having a chance to tie it, but Maalik Wayns (pronounced like wayans) is a joke and missed the three (7-22 on the day for their best player including 1-10 from three).  Nova's big Mouphtaou Yarou (just checked it I nailed that spelling first try) had about 14 boards but shot 3-13.

Anyway, Pitt won and here are the grades.

Woodall - 29 points from him.  That's all you need to know (Career high).  He and Gibbs combined to go 19-19 from the line  to put the game out of reach.  There were a couple awful passes from Tray (he threw the ball into the stands twice) but still what a performance.  If he ever learns how to reduce his turnovers he could be a Ty Lawson type player for this team.
Ty Lawson won a championship.
Grade A+

Gibbs - 25 points, vintage Gibbs is all you need to know, shot 50% from three and above 50% overall.  Grade A+

Patterson - He and Nas both got into foul trouble.  He had 8 points but he spent a lot of time on the bench.  He fouled out in the last 30 seconds on a bogus charging call.  Grade C

Robinson - After going 13-13 in his last two games, Robinson came back to earth percentage wise with a 2-7 performance.  He also had 4 fouls and 3 turnovers.  Bad game from Nas.  Grade C-

Taylor - He had 9 points and 5 rebounds and made a couple nice plays but the one thing I remember from him is absolutely blowing a layup when he was all alone.  He was on the right block and tried to bank it, but missed the rim completely.  Awful.  Grade C

J Johnson - Not much from him.  9 minutes, missed his only shot.  Grade C-

C. Wright - He missed two layups.  One he got stuffed and another he just blew it.  Bad game.  Four steals though, so I guess that's good.  Grade C-

Moore -

(Just so you guys get it, I didn't forget to write a recap of Moore's performance, it's actually in invisible ink...or font...or something)

Zanna - 4 points 8 rebounds.  He had a nice putback in the first half, that's all I remember from him.  Grade B-

Pitt's 4-7 in the Big East.  They're slowly climbing back into it.

One game at a time,

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