Sunday, February 26, 2012

Game 29 The Race for the Losing Record Continues Pitt 54 Louisville 57

Dixon is the worst late game coach I've ever seen in my entire life.

Moore had another big game with 16 points, but I'm just going to talk about the last 90 seconds.

Pitt turned it over 19 times, but anyway.  Pitt was down 53-48 with the ball.  Robinson got an offensive rebound and was flagrant fouled by Dieng.  Two shots and the ball.  Time to make a comeback.
Me to my Dad: "I bet he misses both and they turn it over."



Pitt loses the ball turnover, no points on the trip.

I hate being right.

After a Louisville miss, Woodall, who was 0-8 at that point hits a jumper from the right elbow, and Bill Raftery calls Woodall clutch, or says "ONIONS!' or one of his stupid catchphrases.

Another Louisville miss and Patterson makes a great pass underneath that Taylor actually catches and dunks.

Pitt 52 The Ville 53, 29 seconds left.

Oh man, oh man oh man.

Pitt with a good foul, and Louisville misses the front end of the 1 and 1.  Rebound Pitt.  They cross halfcourt with 18 seconds left.

"Timeout Pitt!  Set up a play"

Woodall almost turns it over.

"Nooooo what are you doing?!?!"

Woodall doesn't give it up, forces some leaning jumper that barely touches iron.

Rebound Louisville, they make 2 free throws.  And NOW Dixon calls timeout.

"Okay, plenty of time to set up a good 3 to tie."

Woodall takes 9 seconds before going for a quick two.

Are you kidding me?  There are only 4.1 seconds left now.  Siva makes 2 free throws and Gibbs misses a 29 footer to tie.  No recapturing of Providence game magic there.

Woodall and Dixon blew this.

Pitt's 15-14.  Losing record looms.

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  1. Honestly, if a game like this ever has to happen to Pitt basketball, I'm glad that it happened this year to get it out of the system, since they are not going to make the tournament anyway.

    Ya, taking an easy two rather than go for 3. Also, Nasir just can not miss both of those free throws. Whatever.