Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I've moved on to bigger and better things

In this blog's humble beginnings, well who am I kidding this blog was never humble, I wrote game recaps and posted them as Facebook notes.  It seemed like a fun way to enjoy my senior year.  I lived about 3 blocks from the Pete so I could race home, shoot the breeze with the roommates and then go write about what I just saw.  And I'd like to think I had about 10 loyal readers, and then another 10 or so that would occasionally look at them if they saw them on their news feed.

Now, was there really a point to write to only twenty people, I think so, but I decided to try and branch out.  Some people said other people would want to read my thoughts, so created this blog.  I began posting recaps on here and not on facebook.   The blog also gave me the ability to post pictures and links and photoshops that facebook didn't have.  The postings became more colorful to say the least.
I'm not sure if my readership declined because they were more easily accessible there or not, but I needed to make the transition anyway.  Manifest destiny bitches.

I tried pimping the blog on some more well-known Pitt blogs like and I got a few encouraging comments from the regular commenters there after the owner of the site linked to me in one of his posts.

But still, not a lot of readers.  So I sold my soul to the twitter devil.  As defense for my reliance on the Internet, I would say, "I may use Facebook and YouTube and whatever a lot, but at least I don't have a f*ckin twitter."  I thought it was the dumbest idea ever.  I don't need to know what famous people are doing, and why would I care what my friends were doing.  I already get enough of them on Facebook or in actual real life.  Welp, can't say that anymore.  However, the most important aspect of twitter for me is to get the word out.  So I got a twitter for that.
Well that and a desire to play the #PaulMartinPowerball contest they have at the Pensblog.  Seriously, every night you guess a time you think Paul Martin is gonna score.  Closest to the actual time wins money.  If he doesn't score then the pot goes up.   The problem is that Paul Martin can't score to save his life.  The pot has gone from $5 to now $145.  

So I've started tweeting my recaps with hash tags like #hailtopitt and what not.  Only 11 followers right now but apparently some wvu fan followed me after I wrote about the last backyard brawl.  Honestly I did nothing but rip on them in that post, and he hit follow.  It almost makes you think maybe not all...nope wvu still sucks.

I really don't care to follow people.  Right now I'm basically only following a few friends and some news sources for the Pens, but it appears I'll have to do more if I want people to ever see these tweets and thus read the blog.

Commence whoring myself out to all Pitt fans on twitter.
If you enjoy Pitt basketball, and are on twitter, I'm going to find you, and follow the shit out of you.

Allow Breaking Benjamin to explain.

I've also edited the info of all the YouTube videos I've posted of Pitt basketball over the past four years to now include links to this blog and my twitter.

Hey anything I can do to spread the word.

So is there even a reason for this post?  It's officially the first post that doesn't recap a game.  The answer is yes.

When I was making this blog, I picked the name iampittbasketball because it was an inside joke with my friends to say that WERE stuff, with emphasis on the were.
To a friend who's quite skilled with computers:  Yeah well you ARE the Internet
To a friend who's a missionary.  You ARE Focus
And mine was always "You ARE Pitt Basketball"  Hence the name.

The downside of this is that it's not very easy to remember.  When I was looking for a catchy name for the blog, I just kept JO's Basketball blog as default.  Now that I have found a kickass name in View From The Zoo, it made sense to change the url so that it matched.  The only problem is I'm not sure if there were any readers I'm no longer in contact with that bookmarked the site long ago as iampittbasketball.  

Therefore I've created a new blog at

The great thing about blogger is that you can import old posts from another blog into your new blog, so when you click on that link it'll look exactly like this one does except with the new url and title and the lack of this post.  And it only took me like 45 minutes to format all the colors and background and gadgets link text color and all that other crazy shit so that it looks the same.

In conclusion I wanted to change the blog url so that it was something that was easier to remember and matched the blog title and my twitter handle.  But I didn't want to delete this blog's url in case some people had bookmarked it.

Could I have just told you that last paragraph and skipped everything before it?  Probably.
Will I probably make another post and say exactly that?
But I just wrote a 16 page paper in 3 hours tonight so I was in a writing mood.  And 16 pages for me is a lot.  I'm a friggin high school math teacher for crying out loud.

Hail to Pitt for the last time on this blog,

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