Sunday, February 19, 2012

Game 28 Why is this team so bad? Pitt 47 USF 56

Moore is the only one who showed up.  He had a career high 21.
Preview for next season when Moore plays like this every game.
Actually the equation should look more like this.
Poop - (Hustle - Talent) + Actual 2 Guard who does more than shoot yet still can + Junior Jumps + One and Done - One dimensional player + Healthy abdominals = Return to tournament

So let's review the math.  We take our current team which is poop, subtract Nasir Robinson, who offered Hustle without talent.  But according to the distributive property, we gain in talent by getting rid of Nas.  We add in James Robinson a guard who does more than shoot yet still can and factor in what I hope to be typical junior year increases in play for Moore and Patterson (even if this is Lamar's 4th year).  We add in a potential one and done big man in Steven Adams and some healthy abdominal muscles for Tray as well as subtract Gibbs and his one dimensional play and we have a return to the NCAA tournament.

Any questions?

Hail to Pitt,

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  1. Any questions? Yes. Why does Dante Taylor have to be on our team?