Saturday, January 28, 2012

Game 22 Not Bad: Pitt 72 Georgetown 60

Pitt's making their run.  Unquestionably their best performance of the season.

Why you should hate Georgetown:  In addition to cooking meth in their free time, we can look back on the end of the world and the role the Hoyas played in it.  You see, in August, Georgetown played a friendly exhibition game against the Bayi Rockets in China.  Then this happened.

Way to piss off 1.2 billion people G-Town.  Jokes.  One kid from the zoo wrote on a white board "Fight this kid?" and had an arrow pointing to one of his friends (who was Asian naturally).  That's pretty darn creative, offensive maybe but the guy I was next to (also Asian) thought it was hilarious.  So it's okay then, I guess?

Oh and Hoya Fans stink.  Here's them talking all kinds of smack on one of their blogs.  So smug

Anyway, Pitt went on a huge 15-1 run in the first half.  Midway through that run, this happened.

That would be me on the far right


Ashton Gibbs - Quiet game from Gibbs.  He only hit 1-3 3's, and finished with 13 points with 4 of them coming off garbage free throws in the final minute.  He got blocked a few times, but generally I liked his game.  He tried for the mid-range.  His biggest moment was probably a baseline jumper in the middle of the second half that keyed a Pitt run after G-town had closed to 6.  The shot was a rainbow that just got over one of the Hoya bigs.  Unfortunately, he had 4 turnovers vs 0 assists and for that I gotta bring him down to a
Grade:  B+

Woodall - He continues to be a turnover machine (4) and shoot poorly (a combined (1-12 now in his return) but he still had 10 assists and Pitt is much better with him out there.  Once the rust is off and we get the Woodall of November, Pitt will be dangerous.  Grade B+

Patterson - MVP of the night.  Patterson was on fire (6-8 fg 5-5 ft for 18 points) to go along with 4 rebounds and 7 assists vs 0 turnovers (the only Pitt player who played significant minutes not to give it away).  Patterson has incredible body control, he'll start to drive and you'll be like "Oh God he's outta control" but then he'll twist his body in some weird way and lay it in with ease.  Play of the game goes to him.  After the Hoyas had cut the lead to 6 again with just under 8 minutes to play, Lamar went right at their bigs and laid it in and got fouled.  After the TV timeout, he knocked down the free throw and Pitt was safe again.
Grade:  A+

Nasir Robinson - Nas made all 9 of his shots and 5-6 of his free throws for a season-high 23.  Huge coaching adjustment by Dixon to play Patterson in the high post where Nas usually is and letting him instead backdoor all day for countless layups.  This is the Nas we should expect if he plays to his strengths, which is down low and using his body to muscle it in.  Anytime he handles it, well bad things will happen.  He also had 8 rebounds.
Grade:  Anytime he makes 83% of his foul shots, an A+ is the only grade I can give him.

Zanna -  Talib had 8 points and 10 rebounds (I swear he had at least 20, I question those stats), doing most of his work in the first half.  He hurt himself  in the second half and played limited minutes (giving way to Dante down the stretch).  I'm pretty sure he got hit in the nuts, in fact I know he did.
Grade A, mostly for the sympathy, nobody likes to get hit in the nuts.

John Johnson - He took a couple open threes when it was given him, and he made one of them.  It was an important three (as all of Pitt's second half baskets were) helping keep the Panthers comfortably ahead by 8-10 points.
Grade: B

JJ Moore - Crap in 10 minutes.  Didn't make a shot.  High point was getting fouled on a 3 and only making one ft.  Grade D

Dante Taylor - I give up on Taylor, he's just not good.  I was super hard on Taylor last year, then optimistic that he would make the Dixon junior season jump but yeah it's not happening.  He was strong defensively actually but overall just disappointing.  He did have a dunk on a defensive lapse by G-town for his only basket.
Grade C

Malcolm Gilbert - I love this kid.  He is so happy to be out there.  He always looks over and waves when we yell his name (not during game action obviously he's not easily distracted).  Pitt has yet to pass him the ball on offense in his Pitt career (at least I think), but he'll get better.  He'll get a post game.
Grade:  Not really enough to warrant a grade.

Cameron Wright - 6 minutes and recorded 0 stats
Grade: n/a

Telling Stat:  Pitt shot 19-22 ft and Gtown 7-12.  Well look at that.  Pitt won by 12.  Coolbeans

Headed to Hoopieville on Monday,

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