Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Game 17: Harlem Globetrotters 62 Washington Generals 39

On Wednesday evening, the Petersen Events Center hosted the world famous Harlem
Globetrotters basketball team in an exhibition against the walking punchline of a team, the Washington Generals.  The loss is the fifth in a row for the Generals and they remain winless in the Big East this season.  Meanwhile, the Globetrotters raise their record to 9-7 on the season.

Five minutes before the opening tip with the outcome already well at hand, the Globetrotters turned to entertaining the crowd with their legendary antics.  While attempting to check Trotter Dane Miller at the free throw line, Talib Zanna had his pants pulled down by jokester guard Eli Carter, resulting in two of Carter's 14 points on the night and giving the ladies in the crowd the biggest highlight.

At halftime, several Generals, most notably Ashton Gibbs, attempted to transfer to UNLV to join Khem Birch, but it turns out nobody wanted them.

Onto the grades:

Guy who gave me my wristband - Not a good performance from him, the wristband was very tight and not lined up right so i had the pain of the stickiness ripping off some arm hair.  Grade C-

Ticket Scanner Guy - Scanned my ticket on the first try.  Solid night.  Grade A

Ushers - Very kind and courteous all night.  Helped maintain a loose atmosphere among the crowd by joking with them and encouraging them to come again to see the team.  Grade A

Dance Team - A good night for the DT, they were in rhythm all night and maintained smiles despite the performance on the court.  They also continue to lead the Cheerleaders in the highly contested "most members I would like to take out to dinner" category.  Grade A+

Employee who gave me a bag of a chips after leaving the Zoo - My MVP of the night.  I hadn't eaten dinner yet so I was very hungry and the potato chips hit the spot as I was walking to my car.  Grade A


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